6 days has past since my last post. It has been a very crazy, hectic and fun 6 days. In that time I have gone to Las Vegas and back for SCCA National Convention. While in Vegas I won $42. I also was very good at my workouts and nutrition. After that week I lost a pound. To me that is one huge accomplishment. Going to Las Vegas and still losing weight is amazing. I forgot to bring my P90X2 disc’s and my bands. However, we did have access to the gym at the casino hotel we stayed at. It was a quite nice gym that had everything I needed for a workout. Luckily I have a very good memory and remembered each move of the complexes for both PAP Lower and Upper. So I joted them down on my phone and each day I did those workouts. It was a little different not having Tony motivating me on but it was still a hard and quite good workout. With how busy I was in Vegas I did find it hard for me to get in water and my right calf is very sore from it. Hopefully getting some water in me and foam rolling will help with the tightness in that calf.

Well I am finally moved into the new house. The big move was Saturday. However, now is the hard part of moving which is unpacking and organizing everything. On to this workout program. Friday was the second time with PAP lower. It is amazing that just after one I felt more springy with my legs. I could definitely feel that in the warm up. Already I am in love with PAP. It is a great ass kicking but what comes out of it is exactly what I want with myself. On Saturday I did have to skip the PAP upper since it was the big move. I did get quite the workout moving all of the heavy things into the new house and doing it going up stairs. I did end up having a tiny cheat with a couple of Oreo’s Saturday night. The funny thing is my stomach didn’t like me having those two cookies which is kind of a good thing. Sunday was a nice rest day. Yesterday again was PAP lower. A week later is a huge difference. Still not able to keep up with the crazies but still a lot better in a week. Today was PAP upper. Second time doing this workout and just like every other workout I was a lot better the second time around. I think the upper is a little bit harder but the lower is better at kicking my ass. Either way though I love both and can’t wait for spring time to be able to get some basketball in at the new house and new body.

I am going to have a big test this week as I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon for 5 days. I really think I can be strong here and have made plans to make sure I am as good as possible while there with my workouts and nutrition.

This morning I did hop on the scale and liked what I saw on it. 201.6 was the number that came up which gives me a total weight loss of 28.4 pounds. Almost at the 30 pound mark and under 200 mark. I think another week or two and I should be at both of those.

What a busy week it has been for me. Our big move into our new house is this Saturday so this whole week we have been loading up our vehicles trying to get whatever will fit over to the new house so Saturdays move is just the big stuff.

Day 71 was rest and in involved some good foam rolling time. Following that was the start of phase 3. That means PAP lower on Monday. These workouts are tough and with the program doing the same move over and over makes it really tough. However, with the whole point of these workouts it makes you more athletic. During the workout I felt like I was more athletic doing those moves. It is amazing the feeling that I get with these PAP workouts. Both the lower and upper give that feeling.

With the move this weekend I haven’t been able to take pictures or measurements. I am really hoping that after this weekend I will be able to get some measurements and a picture update. I will also hope that I can get a blog post everyday after this weekend as well.

Continuing the recovery week. Pretty basic week. Doing Yoga every other day and recovery the others. My favorite thing about recovery week is being able to do some extra foam rolling on the body. Not only does my body feel great everyday because of it I sleep so well. Yesterday was a rest day and I got some foam rolling in. I also got on an exercise bike for about 30 minutes. That little extra cardio in me was a nice change of pace and I loved it.

I decided that 4 weeks was enough for phase 2 and made this my recovery week. Monday was rest which I spent over an hour just foam rolling and then about 10 minutes stretching. Yesterday was Yoga and today was rest again which I spent about 40 minutes foam rolling. Did some stretching and then another 20 minutes of foam rolling. I feel really energized already after recovering for a few days. I have previewed P.A.P. upper and lower for starting phase 3 and am really going to enjoy the next phase. It looks like a good challenge but a good challenge and I am ready for it.

Three more days have gone by. On Friday it was Yoga time. I didn’t end up doing Yoga but instead got a little bit of a workout from moving quite a few things over to our new house. It probably isn’t equivalent but was all that I was able to do. With all this house stuff I will be glad when we have moved in and I can get back to a regular schedule. Saturday was a very hard day. We drove out to our parents house to get some bigger furniture we had there and came back. I burned quite a few calories moving them into the truck and into the new house up the stairs. Then after that I did base + back. I had forgot to pack my afternoon snack so my workout was without any meal prior to it. However, with that this was my best showing of base + back. The plyo part of it especially. I noticed my jumps were higher but my lands were much quieter and energetic. I wasn’t able to do as many as the crazies but still held my own. Today was rest and I spent quite a bit of time on the foam roller which I needed badly. I also moved quite a bit over to our new house so a little bit of an extra workout.

I also weighed myself and come in a 206.4 which makes 23.6lbs lost since the start of P90X2. Can’t complain about that. Tonight I am going to ponder about if I want to do a rest week and move onto phase 3 or if I want to continue phase 2 another week or two. As of right now I have done 4 weeks of it. I might preview the P.A.P. upper and lower and see how they are. If I had to make a decision right now I would say I will do a rest week and then move on but we will see.

Wow another time of me slacking off. This house has really got me going every which way. I am really going to try to get back to getting on this everyday to write about my experience. With me slacking off on this I surpassed 60 days and haven’t gotten pictures taken of it. I am planning on taking pictures either Friday or Sunday night for my 60 days. So lets dig into the workouts for this week so far. Day 57 which was last Sunday was a rest day. We spent most of the day at the house and I didn’t get a chance to even foam roll. Monday was chest + back + balance. Just like before the moves I am getting better at. I was able to get a few reps on the impossible/possible. I got a lot of confidence with that. I can definitely tell my strength is getting a lot better. The next day was supposed to be plyocide but my sinus infection really sucked so I switched and rested on the next day. Wednesday I did plyocide and I just love this workout so much. It is a bunch of fun and you just end it with a bunch of sweat knowing you worked your butt off. It is a very tough workout but very fun. Today was shoulders + arms. I love this workout as well. It goes by so quick but it really makes you feel like you have 24″ pythons like Hulk Hogan at the end of it.

After having that cheat on Saturday I am going really strong on the nutrition. At this point it really just seems like second nature.

I weighed myself the other day and I came in at 207 lbs. I haven’t measured myself. Maybe I will do that tomorrow as well as pictures. I can tell a big difference in the mirror though.